GCG & CSR Charter
By yusran
GCG & CSR Charter
02 December 2013

The Company perceives that GCG and CSR cannot be separated from one another, in fact are complementary. In addition, all components in the Company are considered to be GCG and CSR actors with their respective roles and contributions. GCG focuses on the internal environment and related to compliance whereas CSR focuses on the external environment and related to beyond compliance or voluntariness. Because the Company assumes that GCG needs to be achieved in advance (as a precondition) before doing CSR activities then the name of the unit established by the Company to ensure the fluency of both fields is the GCG & CSR Department.

The GCG and CSR functions are based on the mission of Modern Group, i.e. “Develop happiness of mankind, do social deeds for many people”. This statement is adopted as the philosophy and spirit mover for the Company’s GCG and CSR activities. From the philosophy, then derived the vision: “To become a trustworthy and responsible company for the stakeholders”. Then the missions are as follows: 1) supporting and protecting the interests of the internal and external stakeholders; 2) supporting the empowerment of local communities, helping to reduce social distress, and establish relationship and active communication with the public; and 3) supporting environmental sustainability and beauty. 

Based on cross references between the KNKG (2006)* and ISO 26000 (2010) guidelines, it has been discovered that GCG and CSR share some common principles. Here are the principles adopted by the Company:  

  1. Respect the interests of stakeholders

The Company values its stakeholders by upholding their rights and regards them as part of the Company.

  1. Respect the law

The Company complies with all applicable laws, both domestically and internationally.

  1. Accountability

The Company can prove itself responsible in aspects as expected by its stakeholders.

  1. Ethics

The Company does not undertake greenwashing or other forms of image deception because always fulfils its operational responsibilities before giving added values to the surrounding communities and environment.

  1. Transparency

The Company provides information that is accurate, clear, timely, adequate, and easily accessible to all stakeholders.   

These five principles constitute the Company’s commitment to all of its stakeholders and the public in which this charter is an official document approved by the leaders of the Company.

* KNKG stands for Komite Nasional Kebijakan Governance which is a government committee that sets the standardized GCG guidelines for companies in Indonesia.

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